Reduced price! WM FULL Racing Pack

WM FULL Racing Pack 2019

The WM Full Racing package is designed for riders wishing to take part in all the events in the 2019 season and get a ride at an even better price! The package includes a total of 13 days on the circuit and 6 races.

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05.05.2019 - WM FULL Racing Pack
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The CEC racing series is primarily designed for amateur and hobby riders without a racing license.
Professional and licensed racers can also start.
The decisive criterion for the team's inclusion in the overall rating and scoring and award ceremony in individual races is the ratio of licensed and unlicensed riders in the team.
This ratio may not exceed 50/50 (Hobby / License) in any race for the benefit of the licensed.
At least two teams can participate. The maximum number of riders in a team per race is set at 4 riders. The same is the maximum number of motorcycles that can be used by a team in one race. During the season, a maximum of 7 riders can be played in one team!
The condition for classification in a race is that each team member leaves at least. 10 rounds.
The CEC team only uses one common transponder (pre-announced during the race registration).
If a team of SBKs is a team, the whole team is automatically included in this category within the CEC.
Qualification takes place in a timetable according to the schedule.
To build the starting grid of the CEC race, take into account the average of the best times of all riders in the team!

The division into the Supersport and Superbike categories:

Supersport - SSP

double cylinder capacity up to 850ccm, 4-stroke
three-cylinder engine with volume up to 675ccm, 4-stroke
four cylinder capacity up to 636ccm, 4-stroke
the minimum age of the rider is 15 years

Superbike - SBK

double-cylinder, over 850 cc, 4-stroke
three-cylinder engine with a capacity of over 675ccm, 4-stroke
four-cylinder engines with a capacity of over 636 ccm, 4-stroke
the minimum age of the driver is 17 years

Dates of events in 2019:

  1. AMD Most - 06.-07.05.

  2. Pannoniaring - 03.-04.06.

  3. Slovakiaring - 15.-16.07.

  4. AMD Most - 12.-13.08.

  5. Pannoniaring - 07.-08.09.

  6. Slovakiaring - 04.-06.10.

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