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LADIES Pack 2020

LADIES package Pack 2020 is designed for riders and racers who wish to participate in the series WM LADIES CUP 2020 and get a ride at the best price! The package includes a total of 6 days on the circuit and 3 races WM LADIES Cup and 3 endurance races.

The special price is valid until December 31, 2019

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25.05.2020 - LADIES Pack
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In this racing series, we offer the chance to participate in the fastest women and girls across all the cuties.
WM Ladies CUP is primarily intended for amateur and hobby racers without a racing license. Professional and licensed racers can also start, but of course out of the overall rating, with no scoring and festive award.
Participants will have at their disposal three free training sessions and three qualifying training sessions on the first day. The next day, Warm Up will be special for the Ladies category and a separate race - WM LADIES CUP-!

Dates of events in 2020:

  1. Slovakiaring - 25.-26.05.

  2. Slovakiaring - 6.-7.07.

  3. Slovakiaring - 05.-06.10.

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