Red Flag:

Race or training is interrupted, it must be waved red flag at all marshals post and the red lights around the track must be switched on. Riders must slow return to the pits.

Blue Flag:

It is shown waved at a slower rider who is close overtaken by a faster rider. The slower rider may not hinder the faster rider.During the training, the relevant driver must remain in his line and slow down gradually to allow the faster rider to pass him. During the race, the relevant rider must allow the following rider (riders) to overtake at the first opportunity.

Yellow Flag:

Signals danger ahead or near the track. It must be waved at least two sites marshals from danger. Riders must slow down and be prepared to stop. Overtaking is forbidden up until the point where the green flag is shown.

• Any violation of this rule during a practice session will result in the cancellation of lap time during which the violation occurred.

• Any violation of this rule during the race will be penalized with "RIDE TROUGH" penalty.

• In both cases, may be imposed other penalties (such as fined).

• If you immediately after having overtaken rider realizes that he violated the rule, must raise his hand and let pass the rider to surpass him. In this case, not punishment.

Green Flag:

The track is free.

This flag must be displayed motionless at each marshals post on the first lap of each training, the familiarization lap and the warm-up lap. This flag must be exposed without moving to marshals post immediately after the incident that necessitated the use of one or more yellow flags. This flag must wave the starter signaling the start of the warm-up lap

Black Flag with nr.:

Flown without moving at all sites along with the starting number. Disqualification rider (exclusion from the race). The rider must enter the pits at the end of the current round and can not be restarted. This flag must be used only after being informed by the rider's team.

White Flag:

On the track is a slow moving car, ambulance or similar car. The flag is shown at two sites marshals ahead car and indicates that the rider meets this car in this or the next section of track. Riders are forbidden to overtake another rider during unfurling the white flag. Overtaking the slow moving car is permitted. Once such car stops on the track, they must be put up the white flag and they must be exposed to more yellow flags.

Flack Flag with orange circle:

This flag with starting number of riders indicates a mechanical failure on his machine (eg. The escaping oil, etc.) That can endanger other drivers. The rider must immediately leave the track.

Yellow-Red sriped Flag:

Reduced adhesion of the track (water, oil, dirt, etc.). It is shown without moving.

White Flag with diagonal red cross:

Drops of rain in this part of the track. This flag must be shown without moving at sites marshals.

Checkered Flag:

Waving that flag at the finish line, at track level marks the end of a race or training.

Checkered flag must be waved together with the blue flag exposed without moving the finish line, at track level when a rider (riders) pass just before the leading rider during the last round before the finish line.