Site transponder holder makes recommendations to the rider technique or Timekeeper.

Mounting bracket must be fixed (eg. Bolted, using blind rivets, or the straps of suitable length).

Fixation transponder holder after insertion into the body of the bracket will be performed on a mandrel holder using the original cotter pins, respectively. the appropriate wire and the fixing must be the top of the transponder.

Position the transponder must be identical for all racing machines taken into the race.

The transponder must be placed on a racing machine vertically (upright), side walls (without inscriptions) in the direction of travel, to a maximum of 120 cm for a motorcycle and 60 cm for cars (see sketch).

Between the transponder and the track should not be any material of metal, sheet or carbon fiber.


For transponder corresponds to the person whose name was given to a specific event and is therefore not transferable. The price for renting a transponder is already in the price riding. The transponder is issued than in the current identity document. In case of loss or damage to the driver must pay the full amount of the value of the transponder, ie. 10.500 CZK / 390€.