Each machine must comply the following technical regulations:

* removed mirrors, bags and other accessories

* removed lights and winker or properly sealed fabric adhesive tape over the all surface of glass

* good technical condition, not-leaking oil and other operating fluids

* both functional brakes and brake linings doesm´t show any significant wear

* mounted production or tuned exhaust tailpipe

* transponder holder firmly attached to the motorcycle frame

* showing no significant tire wear. They are permitted without the sample tires (slick) and racing rain tires

* modifications to the motorcycle leading to an increase in performance is not limited


* Starting number must be placed on the front of the fairing of the motorcycle. Starting number must be clearly legible from a long distance.

* Each rider will receive from the organizer of one set of self-adhesive numbers on a motorcycle. Start numbers will be assigned at registration. On every motorcycle must also be visible only one starting number!

* Riders who have on their motorcycles start´s numbers from other races, these numbers must be covered. If your start numbers will not be showed on your motorcycle in accordance with this regulation, it is not considered a motorcycle eligible to participate in training or competition.


Facilities of riders must comply the following requirements:

* motorcycle leathers-coveralls in a satisfactory condition with retreads. They are allowed one piece and two-piece suits (not recommended). Strongly we recommend the use of the back and chest protector

* integral helmet with functional closure and homologation for road use. They also permitted the helmet flip (not recommended)

* leather motorcycle gloves and motorcycle boots in good condition. Recommended as gloves and boots with protectors joints

* If the rider has not older 18 years old as written confirmation of the legal representative, that he agrees with the participation of riders. Participants must have mastered the safe operation of the motorcycle and must be in excellent physical and mental condition.

* Alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances is prohibited. In case of violation of the ban is followed by immediate exclusion from the event.


* Rental boxes is not part of the entry fee. Each rider / team can order a box at its discretion in advance before the date of the event during registration.

* One box can share more riders / teams together.

* Box orders a rider / team manager through the order, which is available in the administration interface on

* For issuing keys to the boxes will be required proof of identity card or deposit CZK 2000.

* At each box will have one key. The deposit will be refunded when you return the keys to the box.

* In the event of key loss or failure to return the keys deposit is forfeited and the document is returned after the replenishment of the deposit.

* Access to the space behind the boxes is free and open to riders and their entourage to the public.

* Access to the pits and front of the boxes will be during the race restricted to participants event.

The reason is the maximum safety of riders and visitors to the event. All persons who will move into the space in front of boxes and boxes must take extra care instructions of organizers and security guards.