Marek Červený #45


On the motorcycle, I have begun to actively drive in five years. My beginnings were held mainly in motocross surroudings. The first race on a road motorcycle I rode thirteen in 1993. I competed in classes 125GP, Supersport 600, Superstock 1000. During my racing career, I gained a lot of experience, which I would like to share with you. 

I want to offer you complete moto-school with an individual approach, which is very important for improving your feeling with the motorcycle and of course to improve your current results. 

Racing career:

- 1993 first race of the 125GP

- 1994 - 1996 125GP: Championship, IDM

- 1996 - 2001 SUPERSPORT 600: Championship, ME (INTERMOT CR)

- 2002 SUPERSTOCK 1000: Championship, the Superstock 1000 FIM (WSBK)

- 2006 - 2011 Road Racing Championship 1000 (INTERMOT CR)

- 2012 Championship Road Racing 600 (INTERMOT CR)

- Road Racing Championship 2013 600 (INTERMOT CR)

- 2014 Road Racing Championship IRRC 600 + 600 (INTERMOT CR)

- 2015 Road Racing Championship IRRC 600 + 600 (INTERMOT CR) 


- 1996 - 2015: 9 300 x podium ZGH Hořice Road Racing

- 2002: 2nd place in the overall Championship Superstock 1000

- 2013: 1st place overall ACR CAMS Road Racing 600

- 2014: 1st place overall ACR CAMS Racing Road 600, 3rd place overall IRRC 600 International Road Racing Championship

- 2015: 1st place overall ACR Road Racing CAMS 600, 1st place overall IRRC 600 International Road Racing Championship

Michal "Bóža" Drobný #90


My name is Michal "Bóža" Drobný and in the motorbikes-world i am from the age of 10.

During my active racing career I have participated in both national championships in the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain and in European championships. A imaginary icing on the cake for me to participate at the World Cup in the World Superbike category WSBK 1000. 

With agency Actionbike I have worked since 2005, when this agency have started to promote and sponsor my person. Since 2015, I have followed by a collaboration with another agency WildMotors.cz 

Within WM events it is possible to train and compete in given classes. The ride is designed for all who love motorcycles. At our events you will find both beginners and professionals from all Europe. 

But unfortunately not for me any time unstoppable, so my time in the professional world of racing, ends. However, the world one track not leaving forever. 

Since 2014, I have worked as an instructor called Bóža # 90 racing academy by Actionbike, I lead a school for beginners and advanced bikers.

Teaching takes place in the context of events AB and WildMotors.cz on the circuits in Brno, Most, Slovakiaring, Misano Pannoniaring and Rijeka. 

The experience the clients gain during the training, helping them to charge self-confidence and increase speed on the race track.

Pierre Coppa #69


The first time I sat on a motorcycle in 16 years with that my aim will be racing future. After I grew up and become self-sufficient, I built my first racing machine right at home in the living room from the motorcycle with which I went to school and work.

Thanks to the two people who were able to steer me in the right direction in the world of motorsport, I attended my first race. The year was 2008. It was a race in Croatian Grobnik within the Championship Alpe Adria, class 125 SP. Since then, I have collected a lot of experience with more motobikes at both European and World level. 

At the moment my goal is to continue racing and improve so I gain the best locations in other classes and I want to encourage other drivers and give them some experience in order to achieve the best results. 

Racing Career:

2008 - 2011: SP 125 - Championship, Alpe Adria, Czech Road Racing

2012: GP 125 - Championship, Alpe Adria, Czech Road Racing

2012 - 2013: Moto 3 Moto 2 - RBA Racing Team

2015: The SP 125 - Championship, Alpe Adria, Czech Road Racing

Total number of races: 47

Podiums: 22 


2009: 4th Championship

2010: 2nd Championship, 4th place Alpe Adria

2011: 2nd Championship

2015: 1st Championship