In this racing series, we offer the chance to participate in the fastest women and girls across all the cuties.
WM Ladies CUP is primarily intended for amateur and hobby racers without a racing license. Professional and licensed racers can also start, but of course out of the overall rating, with no scoring and festive award.
Participants will have at their disposal three free training sessions and three qualifying training sessions on the first day. The next day, Warm Up will be special for the Ladies category and a separate race - WM LADIES CUP-!


Dates of events in 2020:

Slovakiaring - 25.-26.05.

Slovakiaring - 6.-7.07.

Slovakiaring - 05.-06.10.

The overall ranking will be evaluated and rewarded with the prizes of the first 6 racers.

Proposition of the enterprise

Qualifying training

Qualification training is reserved for the time period according to the timetable of the schedule of trips.
Only motorcycles with a transponder attached and a starting number will be allowed on the track.
All lap times for all riders are measured during qualifying training. The final qualifying time for the rider will be the best lap time that the rider has managed to achieve during qualifying training.
According to these times, the starting grid will be created and the riders will be ordered to start according to the times reached. If time is the same, the second best time will be taken into account (or as long as time is the same).
Transmission information is always available in the administration office.


Races are listed for a certain number of rounds in the category. The organizer reserves the right to change the number of rounds.
The exact start time of the race is indicated in the race schedule.

Wet race

In case of changing or uncertain weather, the organizer reserves the right to declare the Wet Race. This means there will be no reason to stop the race in case weather conditions deteriorate.
If the race is already run as dry and the weather changes, the race will be stopped. If more than 50% of the race is taken, the race is restarted and the order is counted from the last complete round.
If less than 50% is taken, the organizer announces the Wet Race and the starting procedure will be repeated if it is practically possible for the given company.

Start procedure

The startup procedure includes the introductory and warming wheel. Two minutes before the start of the race will be opened from the boxes and the riders can go into the introductory round.
After 2 minutes before the start of the race, the exit from the boxes will be closed. Riders who will not be able to ride on the runway at the time of opening the boxing will be on the run after the start of the warm up, after the last rider has passed the exit of the boxes, the green light at the exit and the commander's instructions. After all riders go, the exit will be closed again. Riders who will not be able to ride on the track or at this time open the exit from the box will start the race from the box. Again, the green light and the commander's instructions after the last competitor has passed.
After the lap of 1 round, the riders will be ordered according to the organizer's instructions on the starting grid of the race in the order specified by the qualification.
The riders will roll on the starting grid and wait for the red flag to be thrown down the rows to start the Warmup lap.
Once the heater has been hugged, he re-stays in his grate and waits for the red light to turn on the red light, and his extinguishing indicates the START of the race.
Riders who did not get to the lead wheel and were allowed to enter the track only during the warm up are starting behind the last qualifying rider from the starting grid.
No one other than the rider, organizer and track attendant should be present in the runway.

End of race

During the race, the overall overall ranking of the riders is monitored. After the race time, the first rider is retired with a checkerboard flag and all the other riders.
After the first rider has passed, the goal is also closed.
After crossing the target, the rider completes the round and returns to the boxes.
At the end of the race, the overall ranking of all riders will be determined.
The ranking of the riders is determined in the order in which the riders crossed the finish line and the number of completed rounds and time after counting all penalties.

Announcement of race results

Usually 30 minutes after the end of the race, the riders will gather in the space of the winning stages to announce the results.
The results will be announced according to the official results approved by the race director.
The official results of the race will be available after the race in electronic form and on the website of the organizer: www.wildmotors.cz.

For the 1st to 15th place in each category, the riders / team will be awarded points in the overall ranking
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
25 20 16 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

He will
even during the race or after the race, it is determined that the rider has violated some of the rules of the race, the rider will be penalized by decision of the race director. If a rider or team does not respect the decision of the race director and refuses to submit a penalty, he / she will be disqualified. If a rider refuses to withdraw from the race in case of disqualification during the race, he will not be included in the starting list of the remaining races in the season and will cancel all the results he has achieved in all the previous ones. The time penalty is awarded by the race director on the basis of the breaches of the race rules. The time penalty will be made by deducting one full round for each violation found. The penalties will be included in the overall results of the race. JUMP START: Automatically penalized with 20 seconds of loss in results.


All protests and disputes are decided and the verdict is handled by the RACE DIRECTOR.