WildMotors Agency s.r.o organizes racing for everybody, who want to test their driving skills on safe racing circuit.

During driving on the circuit is needed in the interest of maximum safety observe some basic rules of safe driving around the circuit. Here is the basic ten, with its compliance will ensure you a safe return home from the circuit:

1. At the entrance to the track you must not endanger others. Drive in on track so you do not cross the track to riders who have been going around the circuit usually much higher speed than you. Their possibilities in avoidance are limited. There is a simple rule - keep on the right.

2. Start slowly. Sacrifice one or two cyrcle at the start to warm up tires on your motorbike and don´t try to break personal bests immedieately. Without warm tires will get your fast driving even faster end.

3. Follow the events on the track in front of you and forget about mirrors (best mirror is folded or removed). You don´t care what happens behind you, about it care people who drive behind you. Try to drive so that you can be the most readable for them. It means:

4. Keep track selection (though is not ideal) and do not make sudden and unexpected changes of direction. You can endanger the faster riders who ride behind you, trying to guess your trace and are not ready to respond to sudden changes in the direction of your ride.

5. On the straights, try to keep the speed and do not expose riders behind you with slowdown groundless.

6. So in the turns and on the straights drive smoothly and predictably. A speed does not matter. Slower rider who goes infinitely is less dangerous to other than devious shooter who frequently changing driving style.

7. In the event that you suffer an accident or a technical glitch, do not stay on the track or in the exit area, but quickly leaves the lane and the exit zone and even leave the bike behind the guardrail. Removal of immobile equipment ensure  an operation circuit !!!

8. Stop on the track is strictly prohibited. Endangering other drivers. Stopping is not permitted even if you see an injured rider or want to help with the removal of the wrecked machine. These activities provide medical service and maintenance automotodrom and they are coordinated directly from the control center, which monitors with a camera system events on the track.

9. Pay maximum attention flag signaling marshals and remember the importance of basic flags. Follow the instructions and orders of the marshals. Flag signaling is the only single way of communication between the marshals and drivers, so check back commissioners habitat along the track.

10. For driving purposes only racetrack. Other roads in the area have their own rules on the movement of persons and apply to them the rules for traffic on roads. The maximum speed limit is 20 km / h. Move only in public areas and grounds unless explicitly permitted access to the area behind the boxes is prohibited.

Always observe the "Declaration of rider" that you sign and follow them.


The price for renting a transponder is already factored in the price of riding. Transponder is issued compared to the current document. In case of loss or damage to the driver must pay the full amount of the value of the transponder, ie CZK 10,500 / € 390. For transponder responsibility has the person whose name was given to a specific event and is therefore not transferable.


The task of marshals during rating is a flag signaling and ensuring communication with dispatchers about events in the section of the track (weather, accident, runway conditions, etc.).

The role of the marshals is not a priority salvage motorcycles from the gravel or their possible repairs.

In case of an accident and injury arrives on site ambulance car and doctor. The command to send ambulances gives dispatching, after consultation with the marshals. The arrival of medical personnel is a matter of a few minutes. All marshals are professionally trained in first aid before the arrival of  a medical personnel. Therefore there is no need to stop and wanted to provide first aid to the riders who crashed and is arguably hurt. Do not stop even if you're a doctor.


Approach and departure from the track can only be in one place and i tis at the start and finish straight in space podium. Other departures from the path throughout the length of the circuit is used only for emergency exit route. In no case, serve to drive on the track. If you leave the track, you have to start and finish to get back along the service road along the track, which is for this purpose.


On the service road to move slowly and only on driving direction on the race track. Follow the action around you because frontage road serves as the movement of rescue and tow trucks and ambulances. Do not try to get on the service road without permission of Automotodrom. Maybe you take nice pictures, but you can significantly embarrass the movement of vehicles and ambulances.


Czech Endurance Cup race series is open to riders without racing license. Licensed drivers can also attend races, but are not eligible for inclusion in the assessment.Everyone can participate a circuit training without exception, for minors driver always assumes responsibility a person older 18 years.

Every rider who wants to participate in at least one enterprise have to register at first. Registration can be done on

All communication between the organizer and rider takes place electronically (email, web), eventually by phone.

Each event will participate only drivers who are properly logged.

Participants must strictly follow instructions from the organizer and employees of circuit.

Participants are required to always act so as to avoid injury to themselves or others.

The organizer reserves the right to make random technical inspection of motorcycles and exclude those that don´t fulfill the above requirements.

All motorcycles must comply with technical regulations. If the motorcycle doesn´t comply anything  will be excluded from training or racing until defects will be ceared away. Give the motorcycle according to the state technical regulations, have to bring the motorcycle to scrutineering in front of the box with the administration.

To the free practice sessions and races will be included everybody who is registered properly and paid entry fee.


The debate is mandatory for all riders and must participate all the riders. The exact time and place of the debate outlined in the schedule.

The debate is an important factor for safety training and  rating,so an rider´s absence from the debate will be strictly punished.


Riders are required during the race track look at the habitat marshals, pay attention to the flag signaling and follow the instructions of the marshals. Ignoring flag´s signaling may be penalized up to disqualification of the race on the base of resolution of Race director.

Knowledge of the meaning of each flag is the responsibility of each rider !!!

Disrespect of flags signaling will be affected by the time penalty !!!

For repeated violations of flag´s signaling the rider may be disqualified from the race.

Riders must respect during racing the basic rules for driving on the circuit and not deliberately endanger other riders with theirs driving.

During the race to riders are signalized the number of laps remaining to the end of the race. Signalling is carried on the scoreboard above the finish line.

During the race, the depo´s exit is still open until the termination or interruption of the race.


In the case that a rider during a race has an accident or malfunction of the motorcycle, brouse of which have to stop, must obey the instructions of the marshals, quickly leave the track and return even with the bike to the boxes.

The rider must never leave the motorcycle parked on the racetrack, but have to push off  from the track - for guardrail.

RETURN TO BOXES after accident or breakdown MOTORCYCLE

In the event that a rider has a crash or malfunction of the motorcycle, which obviate him from continuing training or racing, can for return to the box  from the track  use the towing of the motorcycle or motorcycle can push himself.

To push away the motorcycle to the box must be used only by the service road and it is always obliged to follow the instructions of the marshals.

It is prohibited to push the motorcycle on the race track!

A rider may use for return to the box only help of the marshals and personnel, which ensures removal of crashed motorcycles back to the box.


When driving through the box lane, arrival to and departure from boxing boxing on track rider must not exceed the maximum speed limit in the box lane 60 km / h. When driving through the box lane, the rider must take extra care and not endanger other drivers.

The organizers will carry out measurement of speed in the box lane. If any of the drivers exceed the speed limit then will be alerted to this error and if it does not avoid the second time, so will be excluded without compensation from training and competition.



In case that during a racing or training session will be on the track some incident, which compels the interruption, will be on the start and at the station of track´s commissioners red flag.

All riders must slow down significantly, finish the round and get back to the boxes.

At the time of posting red flags is closed box exit.

After removing the obstacles that caused the interruption of race or practice session will reopen the box exit.


Motor sport is dangerous and every participant in training or competition to participate in it on his/her own risk.

All participants in training or competition are required to strictly follow the instructions of the organizer and operator of the racing circuit.

The organizer of training or competition don´t take any liability for damage at property or health of participants in the race.