Racing series is designed for amateur and hobby riders without racing license. I can start a professional and licensed racers. The decisive criterion for inclusion in the overall assessment team and claim to scoring a ceremony is that what is the ratio of licensed and non-licensed riders in the team. This ratio may in no event exceed 50/50 in favor of licensed.

The same division into categories Supersport and Superbike and Naked races as for individuals!

The 2018 season will go these races ENDURANCE


  •  9.5.2018 - AMD MOST - 4h

  • 5.6. 2018 - SLOVAKIARING - 4h

  • 3.7.2018 - SILESIARING - 4h

  • 14.8.2018 - SLOVAKIARING - 7h Le Slovakiaring

  • 29.9.2018 - SLOVAKIARING - 4h


Can take part in at least two member teams. The condition for the classification is that each member of the team went min. 1 round. The team for this race uses only a single transponder (notified in advance when registering for the race), in the case of misconduct and the use of other transponder team is penalized. If there is one team in the motorcycle category SBK the whole team is automatically included in this category. Kvalifakace takes place in the time period according to schedule rides. To build the grid of the race takes into account the best time achieved on the reported common transponder!

 In the overall ranking will be evaluated and awarded prizes Top 5 teams in each category.

proposition enterprise

qualifying practice

    For the qualifying practice reserved time slot scheduled time schedule rides.
    On the track they will be admitted only motorcycles fitted with a transponder and the starting number.
    During the qualifying sessions are measured all the lap times of the riders. As a final qualifying time team will be considered the best lap time he reaches the specified rider and reported by a team at registration for the race during qualifying practice.
    According to these times will be created starting grid and the riders line up for the start according to the times achieved. In the event of a tie times will be considered the second best time (or so forth until the last match times).
    The number of participating teams is limited to a maximum bandwidth of tracks.
    Information on throughput are always available in the office administration.


    Races are listed on certain period of time, usually for 4h. The organizer reserves the right to change the race.
    The exact time of the start of the race is listed in the schedule of the race.

wet race

    In the case of variable and uncertain weather, the organizer reserves the right to declare a wet race.
    If no race will be run dry and starts to rain, the race will not be stopped. The race continues without interruption and the teams own discretion decide on replacing tires with tires in wet conditions.

starting procedure

    Starting procedure involves insertion. 2 minutes before the start of the race will be open pit exit and drivers may drive into the formation lap.
    After 2 minutes before the start of the race from the pit lane exit will be closed. Riders who miss the ride on the track during the opening of the pit exit will have to start from the pitlane and after passing the last rider around the pit exit, a green light at the exit and instruction marshal.
    After one round of hugs, riders line up according to the instructions of the organizer grid race in the order specified qualifications.
    START proceeds style LE MANS
    Motorcycles with engine are sorted by the pit wall, riders ranks on the other side of the track, in front of their machines.
    At the start marshal national flag operation starts to their machines, start the engine and head to the race.
    The premises of the track at the starting procedure must be present none other than the slider, one mechanic team organizer and operator of the track.

Ending race

    During the race we are continuously monitored the overall team rankings. After the expiry of the race is the first driver / team in order checkered flag after him and all the other riders / teams.
    After passing the first driver / team goal is also closed pit exit.
    After passing the riders / teams complete the round and come back to the pits.
    After finishing the race will be determined by overall ranking of all teams.
    The order of teams is determined by the order in which the riders crossed the finish line and the number of laps completed and time after accounting for all the penalties.

 Announcement of the results of the race

    Usually 30 minutes after the end of the race the riders / teams gather in the area of ​​the podium for the awards ceremony.
    Results will be announced by the official results approved by the race director.
    Official race results will be available after the race in electronic form on the website of the organizer:


1st to 15th place in each category will be riders / team awarded points for the overall ranking
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15th
25 20 16 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


    If during the race or after the race revealed that the rider / team has violated any of the rules of the race, riders will race director decision penalized.
    If a rider or team will respect the decision of the director of race and refuses to submit to incur the penalty will be disqualified.
    If the rider / team in case of a disqualification during the race, refuses to withdraw from the race, will not be included in the start list of the remaining races of the season will be canceled and all the results he has achieved in all previous.
    Time penalty, the head of the race based on the identified violations of the race.
    Time penalty will be carried out so that the rider / team will be deducted one full round for each such violation.
    Penalties will be included in the overall race results.
    JUMP START: automatically penalized with a 20 second loss in the results.


    All protests and disputes decided by a verdict brings plant's director.