Circuito Monteblanco (ESP)

Circuito Monteblanco = is a circuit built in 2005/06 and located near the village of La Palma del Condado in the province of Huelva in the southwestern part of Spain. It is easily accessible via a network of road links to the nearby major cities of Seville or Faro. Both cities have international airports.The Monteblanco circuit is used for professional motorsport and motorsport events and test programs (eg BSB).

FIA homologation T1 (F1 testing) and FIA level 2 (races to GP2)

• Length of GP circuit: 4 430 m

• 26 track variants

• Maximum circuit length 4730 m

• Length of the main straight: 960 m

• Width of the main plane: 15 m

• Rest of the circuit width: 13 m

• 4.4% maximum slope


• Restaurant and cafe

• 24 modular boxes equipped with monitors

• 4 guest rooms with direct access from the boxes

• Plant control room with camera system and image recording system.

• 27 cameras along the track for monitoring

• Time measurement system

• Gas station and car wash

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