Cremona Circuit (Ita)

The main track, with anti-clockwise travel, is 3,450 km long. It looks like a complete and very technical track with a straight of almost one km in length, impossible to find in other similar structures in Italy. The “guided” part is completed with fast bends and in support, creating an excellent “mix” for reaching high speeds and for maximum testing of the engine, aerodynamic, braking and chassis performance of the vehicles.

The curves are in total 11, 5 on the right and 6 on the left, of different types and bending radii, this allows us to offer the customer all possible conditions of use. In addition to the long circuit, the track can take two different configurations, slow and medium-fast, with a length of 1,542 meters and 1,834 meters respectively.

Description of the track

Track length: 3,450 km

Number of turns: 11

Major events:


Strada Giuseppina 2,

San Martino del Lago (CR)

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