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  • Dárkové poukazy
  • Brno (Cze)

    About the circuit

    Automotodrom Brno, a.s. operates the motor racing circuit, familiarly known as the Masaryk Circuit. The company was established in 1994 and has its headquarters in the control tower of the racing track.

    The original Masaryk Cicruit dates as far back as 1930, when an openair track was constructed which ran along the main roads on the outskirts of a growing Brno. From 1965 onwards the circuit hosted the most prestigious motorcycle championship in the world – the Road Bike Grand Prix. The current Masaryk Circuit was constructed between 1985-1987 and is a top class racing circuit which meets the strictest criteria for hosting prestigious world motorcycle races.

    At present, Automotodrom Brno hosts several world championships. The most important of these are the World Road Bike Championship (MotoGP) and the World Superbike Championship. The Masaryk Circuit is regularly written into the calendar of the International Championship of the Czech Republic for automobile circuit competitions as well as the motorcycle championship. The company regularly hosts special events for the public – circuit open days, in-line skating, cycling, public trackdays for cars and motorbikes and a course for safe motorbike riding at the motorbike driving school.


    Description of the track

    Length: 5.403.19m (in track axis)

    Width: 15.00m

    Corners: 14 (6 left, 8 right)

    Straight sections: 13

    max. length: 35.00m

    max. length: 636.56m

    Ascent: max. 7.5% in 917.00m

    Descent: max. 5% in 410.00m

    Difference in elevation: 73.75 m

    Sea altitude: 450 m


    Masarykův okruh 201
    664 81 Ostrovačice
    Tel: +420 546 123 326

  • Most (Cze)

    Description of the track

    Track length              4,212 m

    Race course width   12 – 15 m

    Longest straight       792 m

    Shortest straight      150 m

    Number of turns       21, out of which 12 right and 9 left

    Elevation                   12.04 m

    Maximum ascent      + 2.8 %

    Maximum descent    - 3.2 %

    Ascent from start     + 0.43 %

    Driving direction       clockwise


    Tvrzova 5

    432 05 Most - Souš


    (+420) 476 449 970

  • Slovakiaring (Svk)

    About the circuit

    Automotodrom Slovakia Ring is a training facility for motorists, which brings a unique chance to hone their driving skills, try to drive fast, practice your technique or just simply enjoy the pleasure of freedom behind the wheel.

    Moto enthusiasts as well as car owners with high performance certainly appreciate the scope of testing limits and the unique opportunity to experience the feelings of professionals in actual races. Racing teams and agencies in turn got the perfect space for organizing all aspects of quality events.

    Experienced Austrian architect Hand Roth is behind the complex and is also the creative force behind similar projects in Austria and Hungary. This versatile and professional motor sports complex is the first and only of its kind in Slovakia.


    Description of the track

    Track length:5.922 m

    Track width: 12 m

    Length of main straight: 900 m

    Width of main straight: 20 m

    Length of acceleration test track: 1.144 m

    Width of acceleration test track: 20 m

    Pit box dimensions: 8 x 5  and 10 x 5




    800 Orechová Potôň 930 02

    Slovenská republika

  • Rijeka (Cro)

    Description of the track

    Length: 4.200 m

    Width: 10 - 14 m



    Soboli 55, 51 219 Čavle, Hrvatska

    Tel.: +385 51 502 301


  • Misano (Ita)

    Description of the track

    Length: 4.226 m

    Width: 14 m

    Number of corners: 16

    Right-handed corners: 10

    Left-turns: 6



    Via Daijiro Kato, 10

    47843 Misano Adriatico (RN)


    Tel.: +39 0541 618511


  • PitLand (CZE)

    Pitland is a new, totally unique, comprehensively equipped space that is focused on learning and improving all the skills in the management of all types of two-wheelers. Unique is the machine "ePit" that was developed, engineered and designed exclusively for the needs Pitlandu.

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